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Join the Austro-American Society

If you would like to join the Austro-American Society for Upper Austria, simply fill out the appropriate form below. We are always happy to welcome new members.


Participation in our regular and special events is always encouraged. A member of one branch is welcome to participate in any and all events that are offered by the other branches.


Become a member today and enjoy the following unique benefits:

  • Free Participation at Many Society Events

  • Access to Exclusive Activities

  • Regular Newsletter

  • Membership Discounts

Membership Application
Membership Application

Carolyn Mayr

I was born, raised, and educated in the United States, and I feel the need to converse and mingle with other compatriots/expatriates. A people person, I also enjoy meeting our Austrian members and discussing their ties to my home country – from baseball to bassinets! I rarely miss an event involving politics, and also enjoy visits to the embassy, as well as holiday celebrations.

Claudia Schwarz

As former assistant professor of American Studies and International Exchange Alumni, transatlantic relations have always been important to me. The AAS is a great place to meet with people from the US, to discuss current affairs, and to engage in a variety of activities.

Florian & Shannon

We’ve been members of the AAS for years and really enjoy the wide range of events offered, from interesting political lectures and exhibits to film brunches and fun sporting events like Eisstockschießen. As an Austro-American couple, we love how this organization connects both of our homelands. The AAS is a very welcoming group and we’ve been lucky to meet some really fantastic, dedicated people over the years!

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