History of the Austro-American Society
The Beginning

In 1946 the Austro-American Society was founded in a ceremony in the "Musikvereinssaal" in Vienna to music composed by Mozart and Brahms. Since that time – a time of Care Packages and aid programs – the Society has organized and offered a great variety of activities in the fields of culture, education, science and politics to foster better understanding among Austrians, Americans and the friends of both countries.

In 1949 a branch was established in Linz in the America House, and the Upper Austria chapter set up its club rooms there under the founding leadership of Mrs. Hilda Höferer.

Recent Developments

Since the year 2000, the A.A.S. for Upper Austria has been an independent Society that co-operates closely with the Viennese branch and the U.S. Embassy in Vienna.

On October 15th, 2009 the Austro-American Society for Upper Austria was proud to celebrate one of its greatest milestones to date, its 60-year anniversary. To honor this long and eventful time, we invited all our members, non-members and a number of special guests to the Redoutensäle in Linz.

Meet The Board

Dr. Josef Weißl, MBA


Mag. Elisabeth Seelmaier


Linda Tuttle-Weidinger, B.A.

Vice-President for Public Relations

MMag. Andre Smolinski

Vice-President for IT

Andreas Pühringer


Sieglinde Schrey


Luise Kehr

Deputy Secretary

Branches of the Austro-American Society

Austro-American Society

Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft

Stallburggasse 2

A-1010 Wien

Website:   http://oag.mov.at

Phone:      +43 (0)1 5123982

Email:        auamsoc@aon.at


Austro-American Society Salzburg

Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft Salzburg

Rosa-Hoffmann-Straße 33
A-5020 Salzburg

Website:   http://www.oeag-salzburg.at

Phone:      +43 (0)662 439501-10

Mobile:     +43 (0)662 439450

Email:       office@oeag-salzburg.at


Austro-American Society Styria

Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft Steiermark

Grieskai 4-8
A-8020 Graz

Website:   http://www.oag.at

Phone:      +43 (0)664 3331728

Mobile:     +43 (0)662 439450

Email:       office@oag.at


Austro-American Society Tyrol

Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft Tirol

Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 3
A-6020 Innsbruck

Website:   http://www.aas-tirol.at.tt

Phone:      +43 (0)650 5844070

Email:       aastirol@hotmail.com


Austro-American Society Carinthia

Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft Kärnten

Stift Viktringerstraße 14
A-9703 Viktring

Website:   http://www.oeag-ktn.at

Phone:      +43 (0)463 281807

Mobile:     +43 (0)699 19140851

Email:       oeag@xpirio.at


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