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Upcoming Events

March 10

Oscar Sunday Brunch

The soon-to-be-announced Oscar winners will capture our attention. Join us for the the award-winning, delicious brunch buffet at Gelbes Krokodil. Afterwards, we’ll watch the film that Moviemento has in its schedule.


March 17

St. Patrick's Day Party

This Irish tradition honors the patron saint of Ireland. Countless people around the world join in to celebrate on March 17. Put on something green, come along to the pub, and enjoy Spinning Wheel’s beautiful Celtic music. They’ll also teach us a Celtic dance or two.

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Latest Event Photos

Have a look at our photo and video gallery to find some of our members get together for a wide range of different events that we hosted over the years.

We release a new program of events every two months, which gives you a detailed description of all our regular and special events. 

Current Program of Events


At the Austro-American Society we offer a wide variety of regular and special events.

Event Photos

On the media section of our website, you can access hundreds of photos and videos of our past events.


If you would like to join the Austro-American Society for Upper Austria, we are always happy to welcome new members.

Welcome to the Austro-American Society

The Austro-American Society for Upper Austria is a non-profit, non-political organization. We promote the dynamic and deep academic, cultural, economic and social ties between Upper Austria and the U.S.A.


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