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March 6

St. Patrick's Day Party

We’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day a little earlier this year, with a concert performance by Paddy Murphy, the Irish speed folk rock band. After the concert, we will go for a drink at Old Shetty Pub in Traun. We hope to see you there.

July 11

Pöstlingberg Zoo Excursion

Just as our annual summer break begins, the Covid-19 restrictions are being eased. We would therefore like to invite everyone to join us for an excursion to the Pöstlingberg Zoo. We will catch up over a delicious and refreshing ice-cream Sundae afterwards.


Latest Event Photos

Have a look at our Photo and Video Gallery to find some of our members meet at Arcotel for our yearly Thanksgiving dinner.

We release a new program of events every two months, which gives you a detailed description of all our regular and special events. 

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At the Austro-American Society we offer a wide variety of regular and special events.

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On the media section of our website, you can access hundreds of photos and videos of our past events.


If you would like to join the Austro-American Society for Upper Austria, we are always happy to welcome new members.


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